Location of Lunacy

Q. Where is Lunacy? -Judy

A. Hey, Judy, are you pullin’ my leg? I don’t know of any place up here named Lunacy! We do have a lot of funny names – such as Nunapitchuk, Kinnickinick, Kasigluk, and even a town called Chicken; which was supposed to be called Ptarmigan, after the state bird. The early founders couldn’t spell Ptarmigan though, and so settled on Chicken. Proof that Alaskans are quite enterprising. Some of us are even great spellers. I’d say I am, but sure as I did, someone would write in to point out a mistake! ha ha

So in answer to your question I’d have to say, I don’t know ‘where’ Lunacy is, but I sure know ‘what’ Lunacy is! It is: Having an interest in, but never coming to see our Great Land.
Come on up, Judy. -BJ

5 thoughts on “Location of Lunacy

  1. Hi All
    I got onto this site looking for Lunacy too, I am guessing it is fictional, and I am guessing Judy and I have both read the same Nora Roberts book, Northern Lights. Great read, sounds like a place I would like to visit in summer.

  2. Hey, Judy may have brought this up because there is a movie were a city cop goes to Alaska to find more peaceful work after him and his partner were shot on a big case. The town he worked in was lunacy. Cannot remember what the movie is called though…

    That’s quite the wholesome response.

  3. haha, you read nora roberts northern lights didn’t you? it’s a fictional name of a town in alaska.

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