Biggest Grizzly and Moose

Q. What was the biggest grizzly killed and recorded in Alaska? Also Moose? -Brenda

A. Well, Brenda, believe it or not, I don’t have a for sure, clear answer for you, but I didn’t want to leave you dangling. You see, I got two different record grizzlies and they were measured in different ways, hence my confusion. It doesn’t take much to confuse me some days. Okay, on the grizzly, there was supposedly the largest ever killed, on Hitchenbrook Island, by an Elmendorf Airforce man. It weighed 1600# and was 12 and half ft. in length. The source did not give a date, however. The other record simply says a record grizzly was killed in 1991 on Inglutalika Island (what is it about grizzlies and islands??) It said its skull measured 17 3/4″ long and 9 15/16″ wide.

You can see a picture of the 1600# one on a website called He’s a big bruiser for sure!

Bears are so powerful and so fast! When we lived out in Copper River Country, one day driving down the road there was the strangest sight. Fortunately it all happened before the car quite reached there. Anyway, suddenly up ahead, a bear came charging out of the woods on the right, with the neck of a moose calf gripped tightly in his jaws! It didn’t even slow the bear down! He ran very fast across the road and then here came a very angry mama moose charging across the highway, in hot pursuit. Don’t know the outcome, but I’m betting the calf was already dead, probably of a broken neck. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mama moose got in a few justifiable kicks though! How awful to see your baby carried off by a bear.

The biggest moose ever recorded in Alaska was one killed on Forty Mile River in 1994. It was 65 1/8″ across the rack! But I would rather have known how much the darned thing weighed. I’ll see if I can find out for you. Hope this helps for now. I won’t forget you. I think from your e mail name you must be a hunter. Pack your gear and come on up! -Bonnie J.

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