Homesteading in Alaska

Q. Can you still homestead in Alaska? -Kris

A. Hey, there Kris! How’re you doing today? We have bright blue skies, a nip in the air, and falling golden leaves up here. There is getting to be that ‘feel’ in the air….that sort of ‘hush’ we feel in the fall, as if the land is waiting for something! Well, we know what it is….Old Man Winter. Thankfully, spring always comes again. I’m happy that someone smarter than I am said, “as long as the earth remaineth, there shall be summer and winter, springtime and fall.” (Bonnie’s paraphrase! ha ha)

You can no longer homestead in Alaska – but don’t let that discourage you. There is certainly enough land up here so that I’m sure you can find something. Look in this blog for an answer I gave to someone named Ralph. I explained why there is no longer homesteading and gave him some info on state land auctions.

There is a state public info # you can call. It is (907) 269-8400.

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